Thursday, June 17, 2010

A year at Place Brugman

Sometimes it is hard to believe that it has been almost a year at my slice of heaven at Place Brugman. Time goes by so fast but the journey seems quite long. I returned to Brussels from Stuttgart with an impression of what my life was going to be and now it is completely different to what I had imagined. One thing I have learned from my adult life is that everything is about timing. That sometimes the bad things in your life are just detours to lead you to a magnificent place. My last detour brought me back to Brussels. My apartment, manifesting itself the way that it did, gave me a sign that there were many good things awaiting me in Brussels.
I wanted harmonious relationships in my life, they appeared. I wanted my dream job, I received it. I wanted time with my friends, they came to visit. After a year of living in confrontation, it was refreshing to have amazing people coming into my life. I made new friends who I feel I have known for ages and reconnected with friends that I had forgotten. As more positive people came into my life, the negative feelings slowly disappeared and great things began to happen. As the months went by, my apartment became a home. A home where I cook and entertain. A home in which I celebrated thanksgiving, my birthday, and my new job with great friends. My home now welcomes my friends from close and from afar.
  Cooking for my people on my birthday
After a year of being stagnant in Germany, I began to travel. This last year, I've been to places such as San Francisco, Munich, Vienna, Stockholm, Bavaria, Copenhagen, and New York. By traveling I met amazing people and reconnected with people who are very special in my life. It was hard for me to imagine staying in Europe after graduate school. Four years and I am still here, it has become my home. This country has been a graduate school, not only academically, but it has given me many lessons in life.
I have lived abroad previously in Asia while serving with the military but living away from the blanket of the US government was a new experience. The Marine Corps was always there to register my car, find me an apartment, and pay my utilities. Being in Brussels, without that support scared me at first, but it made me more independent. It forced me to learn another language and to truly assimilate to a new culture.
As my friends and family back at home look at my pictures they ask me why I am so happy. They ask if I have a boyfriend and some are shocked that I say no. I spent a year and a half denying who I was due to another person's interpretation of me. It took me a year to date me again, buy me nice things, and take me on vacation. Happiness comes from being in a loving relationship with yourself. A year later, my relationship with Jessica is going fabulously. Anything extra that may come is just the cherry on top.


  1. Asi es amiguita. Que bueno que despues de la tormenta, el cielo es azul y maravilloso para ti. Sigue disfrutando la vida y sigue disfrutandote a ti misma. Es maravilloso saber que puedas entender eso y seguir adelante. The cherry on the top will come, sea lo que sea y sea quien sea.

    Te quiero mucho y te extrano.

  2. Gracias amiga! Y gracias por leer mi blog. Tambien te extano! Un abrazo a ti y a tu familia.

  3. sweetie you are just bloody amazing and yes, timing is every thing in life. You came into my life just when it was needed and I am grateful for it. Thank you for allowing me to come to your home and enjoy your hospitality, company and the FOOD! That turkey rocked lol... Love from your Nicaraguan friend :)

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Wow, I'm stunned by your writing. It's so beautiful, true and speaks to me more than you can imagine. I'm sorry you are leaving Brussels. Now I feel that I know you a bit more, and I would have liked to get to know you even better. The world is a small place, you never know.
    You are a wonderful person.

    1. Thanks For the kind words Dimitra! I'm happy that you enjoy the blog! Like you said, the world is small and there are time and opportunities to spend together!