Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nordic Lights, the Danish Edition

My love affair with Denmark began in 2005, when I fell in love with a very special Dane and visited the Copenhagen. One thing that amazes me about the city is its calmness as it is surrounded by water. Five years later, my friend Yolanda and I embarked on a weekend adventure to Copenhagen. Fortunately, the city was as beautiful as I remember it. It's a beautiful contrast of the modern and old world. From the chaos of Brussels it was refreshing to see the calmness of Copenhagen.
View from Nyhavn
After reading many great reviews, we stayed at the Nyhavn 71 hotel. The room was pretty small but service was wonderful and the location of Nyhavn was perfect. The area of Nyhavn is a beautiful harbor area surrounded by stunning sailboats. The houses surrounding it are colorful and give the scenery a fairytale charm. The 75 degree weather made the experience much better as it seems that everybody was out on the street basking in the sun. My friend invited us to a restaurant called Zeleste near Nyhavn which possessed an old world charm. The former blacksmith oven served as a fireplace in its courtyard. The atmosphere was great thanks to our Danish/Spanish/Puertorican/Mexican group (and our cava and elderflower aperitif). Afterward, we rubbed elbows with the stylish Danes at 1105 where they made delicious cocktails. I miss a bartending culture. Cocktails are just not as popular in wine/beer focused Brussels.

The scenery in Copenhagen makes you want to be on a boat. That being said, we took a boat to Hven island. The boat ride gave us an amazing view of the harbor. Hven Island was very simple, yet nice and relaxing. Later that day we found out through our friend what we were actually in Sweden! How international...we went to a different country for lunch! 

View of the Harbor on our way to Hven
As much as I like to see new things, I love to come back the old things that I am fond of. Five years ago, I remember going to a great Argentinian restaurant called Fuego. I could not pass the opportunity of returning. The service was great as all the waiters spoke Spanish and the Parrillada was delicious. After the Dulce de Leche creme brulee we wanted to sleep but we couldn't justify that as we were on a mini holiday, therefore we headed to Porta where we had glass of champagne and shared some thoughts on life.
Sunday we woke up to another wonderfully warm day. We decided to walk through the city, eventually making it to Vesterbro, which is their version of Williamsburg but with an occasional hooker. The one of the things that I enjoyed the most was walking through the canals and seeing how alive people are here after a dark winter. I truly enjoyed seeing how old and new converged.
 A friendly moment with Yolanda
The verdict: Vienna had robbed Copenhagen of my favorite city in Europe title but after this trip, it has reclaimed its crown. The city is stylish, the people are warm, and my heart is still somewhere in Charlottenlund...

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