Saturday, June 19, 2010

My dad rocks too

Last month I wrote about how much my mom rocks. In honor of father's day, I decided to write about my dad and how much he rocks as well.  According to legend, shortly after my birth, my dad came to see me. At the sound my my dad's voice welcoming me into this world, I smiled. Since that moment, my father and I have a very special bond. He's the love of my life. He comforts me when I am sad and he's there for me when I am happy. In my 30's I still cuddle into my dad's lap. When I am cuddling in my dad's recliner with him (we call it "el punto") all of my troubles seem to fade away.

My dad was 59 when I was born. Some people find it odd, but since I do not know any different, I think it is normal. I would say that he was very strict compared to my friend's parents. At the same time, he was very supportive of all my decisions. Although he came from the old school, he never set limits for me and supported my unconventional career choices. My dad was always there front row at my school assemblies or graduations. In high school, he shuttled me from classes to school trips in his 1978 Cougar (which my brother and I made fun of) . He always wanted me to learn more. At the age of 6 he tried to teach me to play the guitar, but I did not succeed at that. I inherited my lack of patience from my pops. Sometimes we drive each other crazy because we're so much alike. There are many things that I learned from my dad. He is always full of theories and beliefs. Some I do not agree with, but I am brave enough to challenge him.
My dad is amazing because he always instilled in me the desire of learning. He always tells me that another man can rob everything from you except what you have in your brain. He taught me independence, work ethic, and most importantly, how to season a turkey. I admire my father's warmth and his ability to connect with people. When we go to the supermarket, there is always someone stopping to say hello to him. I also inherited the love of animals from him. I remember when my dad took me to the Humane Society of Rochester (Lollypop Farm) and he started to cry. He was crying because he was so sad for the abandoned animals and he knew he could not take them home. Yes, I got my softie side from my pops, we cried together watching the Cristian the Lion documentary.
I am blessed with great parents. I acknowledge that I have dedicated quite some pages to them of late on my blog. I do it because life is short and you should let your loved ones how much they mean to you. The older I get, the more thankful I am to my parents. I want to wish a Happy Father's Day to the main men in my life: My father and my three amazing brothers, David, Sabad, and Tito. I love you in your own individual ways. Thanks for being my protectors and my teachers.

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  1. LOVE THIS, Jess. Really beautiful and striking. Will post at FB.